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RacketStats uses a modern analytic approach to improving your tennis game.


Easily track right on your phone — anywhere, anytime.


View progress and graph trends on 21+ stats

Easy tracking

Understand tendencies and see progress with easy-to-use stats tracking and a database of all your past matches.
Excellent for SCOUTING!
Now with the ability to
track 3 or 5 sets.

For players and pros

RacketStats is intuitive and easy to use for players, their parents, coaches, and pros. Experience how data can help using both Beginner and Advanced modes.


Identify and track strength and weakness trends in 34 areas to create meaningful development plans, spot areas of opportunity, and build player confidence.

RacketStats integrates with Match Tennis App

Simple, easy tracking for your tournaments

Track your tournament data from the Match Tennis App in RacketStats.

We are trusted by coaches, parents, and players

Founded by Andy Durham


review average in our app

Our users love RacketStats to help them focus on measurable statistics and show a player how they compare to national averages for their age, how they compare to their opponent, and where they need to improve.


Beginner mode is FREE

Experience Beginner Mode free forever.

Progress to Advanced Mode free for the first
28 days and $5.99 per month after your trial.
Save 10% by signing up annually for $64.99.

Advanced Mode is free for
28 days

Get access previously only available to the pros!


Save your player and opponent data with detailed game information, points, and shot tracking for 3 or 5 sets.

Advanced Stats

Gain access to higher detail analytics, graph trends, store your data in the cloud, and view progress.

Don't take our word for it.

Sheila B.

Before RacketStats, our players used pencil and paper to track one or two stats.  With RacketStats, now they can track 34 stats for both players at the same time, and I also get a printout after the match.

Hilary G.

There are so many areas to work on in tennis, and I wasn't sure which were the most important for our daughter.  RacketStats makes it very clear.

Michael S.

RacketStats presents an opportunity to provide all players in the world a sophisticated tool to analyze their game and tactics.

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