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Our users love RacketStats to help them focus on measurable statistics and show a player how they compare to national averages for their age, how they compare to their opponent, and where they need to improve.


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Gregory Gettinger,
CEO VR Motion Learning

RacketStats is a must to have for every parent, who loves to watch his child playing competitive tennis. The stats are helpful for the analysis of the game and gives the parent something valuable to do during the game. Try it out!

Mike Anderson,
Radford University

As an ex D1 coach I have found Andy's program exceptional and a must for any aspiring High School, college or pro player!!

Bob Clark
Tour Coach

I have been to many ITFs, and I see no parents and few coaches charting. To me it’s invaluable. I charted my players at a national tournament this weekend and so many parents asked me what I am doing.  It adds an extra focus to practices in areas to improve.

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Database Benchmarks for 14, 16, 18, and College Ages
Serve Stats
1st Serve In-Play %
1st Serve Won/Lost %
Deuce Ct 1st Serve %
Ad Ct 1st Serve %
2nd Serve Points Won %
Deuce Ct 2nd Serve %
Ad Ct 2nd Serve %
Double Faults
Serve Win/Error Ratio
Return of Serve Stats
1st Serve Return Points Won %
FH 1st Serve Return Deuce Ct %
BH 1st Serve Return Deuce Ct %
FH 1st Serve Return Ad Ct %
BH 1st Serve Return Ad Ct %
2nd Serve Return Points Won %
FH 2nd Serve Return Deuce Ct %
BH 2nd Serve Return Deuce Ct %
FH 2nd Serve Return Ad Ct %
BH 2nd Serve Return Ad Ct %
FH Returns in Play %
BH FH Returns in Play %
Return Win/Error Ratio
Groundstroke Stats
FH Groundstroke Win/Error Ratio
BH Groundstroke Win/Error Ratio
FH Passing Shot Win/Error Ratio
BH Passing Shot Win/Error Ratio
FH Lob Win/Error Ratio
BH Lob Win/Error Ratio
All Groundstroke Win/Error Ratio
Backcourt Points Won/Lost %
Net Stats
All Points Advancing to Net %
Net Points Won/Lost
FH Approach Shot Win/Error Ratio
BH Approach Shot Win/Error Ratio
FH Volley Win/Error Ratio
BH Volley Win/Error Ratio
FH Smash Win/Error Ratio
BH Smash Win/Error Ratio
All Net Points Win/Error Ratio
Summary Stats
Overall Win/Error Ratio
Total Points Won/Lost

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