About Us


RacketStats founder, Andy Durham, sought to bring successful tennis systems, used by the world’s top players, to anyone with a smartphone.  The goal was to enable parents, coaches and players themselves to easily identify weaknesses and strengths and develop strategies for comprehensive improvement in real-time directly from their device.

Andy is a member of the USPTA, PTR and has been teaching for 48 years, many of his students rising to college, WTA and ATP levels.

Andy Durham, RacketStats Founder, is a recognized High-Performance coach by the British LTA, USPTA, and PTR.  In the 90s, Andy managed a team to analyze matches for the Wimbledon HBO Presentation commentators Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe, and Barry MacKay.  He also gathered the stats on players at National Junior tournaments and used analytics to coach players at the State, National, ITF, WTA, and ATP levels.

Tennis Analytics is exploding in tennis communities worldwide. It's a proven tool for player evaluation, teaching tool, and player improvement. All professional sports have an abundance of statistics that coaches use to improve their players and study opponents. Today Tennis Professionals have easy access to sophisticated analytics, albeit at a significant cost. We felt that the majority of players get their start with family and we wanted to help by providing realistic benchmarks for comparison. The need is simple - how good are they and how do they stack up against comparable age groups.

Analytics is about using numbers to tell a player's story. Data and numbers don't lie, so players accept the results much better than from opinions. Data can accurately locate strengths and weaknesses and quantify them. Data can also note improving and deteriorating strokes and tactics and do so immediately, keeping the athlete motivated and on track, and be used to build a library of information on opponents.

Bill Jacobson developed CompuTennis, the first handheld computer specific to tennis in the mid-80s, that was used at professional events to give the commentators facts about what was happening on the court. CompuTennis was used by Stanford University coaches, Dick Gould and Frank Brennan, to produce National Championship teams.  Tennis coaches used it to work on individuals such as Joey Blake who reached #4 in the World Boys.

In the era of smartphones, a plethora of opportunities emerged. RacketStats, was crafted to provide essential, digestible intel to families with emerging players. We recognized the importance of a swift learning curve and the necessity for adaptability, to accommodate unrecorded points or games without compromising the final data integrity. We strived for the stats to remain valid even if the individual tracking missed out on 25% of the information.  We deliberately opted for a platform that permits easy reversal of points and an unconditional game-end feature, regardless of the score. Our scoring approach is straightforward, a fundamental 1,2,3, and so on, making it user-friendly.  We also provide age-specific benchmarks to assist parents and players in charting their progress, a unique feature of RacketStats.